G1, Danger SPL and the SuperD rom.

You need to download those files:

  • Android SDK
  • Recovery: recovery-RA-dream-v1.6.2.zip
  • Radio: ota-radio-2_22_19_26I.zip or G1-radio-2_22_23_02.zip
  • SPL: Danger SPL spl-signed.zip
  • base: DRC83_base_defanged.zip
  • SuperD: SuperD1103-NRH.zip (white template without RAM HACK, other versions are available)

This is a quick howto. I assume that you have knowledge how to flash your device, and I take no responsibility if something will go wrong.

  1. Run in bootloader mode and check if you have PVT mainboard. If not rest of this is not for you and you will break your phone.
  2. Install recovery-RA-dream-v1.6.2.zip
  3. Make Nandroid backup (system + ext) and save those files somewhere safe. Your SDCard will be wiped in a few minutes, so it’s not the best place to hold this backup. It will save your ass when something will go wrong
  4. Install new version of radio.
  5. Prepare your SDCard. This is required for SuperD to work properly. My setup is 96MB for SWAP, 512MB for ext3, rest for normal VFAT partition
  6. Copy SLP, DRC_83 and ROM files on VFAT partition
  7. Wipe your phone
  8. Install SPL. G1 will reboot if everything is fine you will see HBOOT-1.33.2005 in your bootloader menu
  9. Install DRC_83
  10. Install SuperD
  11. use `adb logcat` from Andriod SDK to see if everything is OK.

Voila. You shold see new splashscreen with new logo.android superd “danger spl” ROM

G1, Danger SPL and the SuperD rom.

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